Just like everyone else, I am a huge fan of Costco. I love their products, the service we get at the Missoula store, and saving while buying in bulk. Recently, I have become more of an old man, and have started buying more of my clothing from there. Most recently, over the weekend I bought some shorts for an upcoming vacation.

While I was checking out, there was a man that slipped passed the cash registers in hopes of trying on some jeans in the men's restroom. You could tell this made the employees feel uncomfortable because the man hadn't paid for the jeans yet. But the customer had a right to try on the jeans to see if they fit like he wanted them too. It was a strange conversation to overhear while making my purchases.

In the end the customer was not allowed to try on the jeans, which he most likely put back just because of the awkward interaction.

So, do you think it's time for Costco to add changing rooms to their stores since they have added more clothing. As a guy, I hate trying on clothes anyway, so I actually had to visit the store twice this past weekend to exchange sizes. Normally I think Costco is perfect, but I think they might need to looking into an adjustment on this issue.

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