This is interesting because I would like to wash my clothes before wearing them but I don't seem to sometimes have time but this does make sense.

Cosmo recently published an article about this subject, asking "Do You Really Have to Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them?" The answer is yes. Not only do you have no idea who tried that on before you but they use a lot of chemicals to create the bright colors and designs and textured fabrics we love and those chemicals are skin irritants.

I sometimes feel like I don't have time to wash them and sometimes I really don't in rush cases but just like fruits/vegetables and foods it's important to clean and wash them.

Washing can reduce chance of rash, irritation lice or something passed off. Cosmo spoke with Lana Hogue, a clothing manufacturing expert who teaches classes at Garment Industry 411.

Socks, Underwear, Undershirts, Athletic wear, T-shirts, Shorts, Summer dresses, Swimsuits you don't plan to wear in the water right away.


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