We're in the middle of one of those stretches where it feels like every other day we see news about a business in Missoula making the decision to close. In the last few weeks, we've seen closures for The Hub, The Giggle Box, Fred's Lounge, Taco John's, and the Caffe Dolce location on Brooks. Dang, that kind of makes me sad just looking at all those names listed in one place. And now we're adding two more names to the list. Actually, of the two, one name is on the list already and they've announced that they'll be closing their second location.

Both Caffe Dolce locations are closing?

We found out this week that Caffe Dolce on Brooks was suddenly closing their doors and will no longer offer "regular services." We heard that the space would be available for private events, with more details to follow on how that would work. Everything we saw earlier in the week pointed to the other Caffe Dolce location inside the Southgate Mall remaining open. But now, a MONTANA RIGHT NOW story claims that the mall location will actually close after the holidays. If true, that's a bummer, not to mention a bit of a curveball compared to the original details.

You better eat at the Staggering Ox before Christmas

From the same story, the other bit of news is that Missoula's Staggering Ox will be closing before the end of the year. They actually had a temporary closure late last year and it seems like it's been a struggle with staffing and supply issues since they reopened earlier this year. It looks like they tried to sell the location but weren't successful. The other Staggering Ox locations in Montana will remain open while the Missoula store has set a date of December 19th as their final day.

It sure feels like there's more to come

A lot of businesses are struggling as they continue to deal with the impact of the pandemic. Hopefully, we'll see as many places as possible power through without having to close the doors. But the longer things are turned upside down with the fallout from COVID, it seems like we'll keep seeing businesses have to make the tough decision to close. It's pretty sad when you see so many of the great places that are being affected around Missoula.

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