Raking in hundreds more reviews than even the most popular restaurants in Montana's biggest cities, this West Yellowstone pizza joint with full saloon has GOT to be a record holder for "online reviews to population" ratio. You can thank tourists and locals alike.

Let me explain why this is so interesting: Wild West Pizzeria & Saloon in West Yellowstone has nearly 2,400 (overwhelmingly positive) reviews on Trip Advisor. West Yellowstone has a full time population of maybe 1,500 people. That's A LOT of reviews for a small town restaurant. Wild West Pizzeria & Saloon was also a 2022 "Traveler's Choice" on Trip Advisor.

For comparison, Montana Ale Works in Bozeman has almost 2,000 reviews...but Bozeman has a population of nearly 60,000. Ale Works has been around for years, is immensely popular, and is also a 2022 "Traveler's Choice" restaurant on Trip Advisor. Bob Marshall's Biga Pizza in Missoula has just 450 reviews, and the popular Catalyst Café has only 350 reviews. (Missoula's population is over 76,000 in 2023.)

NOTE: The reviews quoted below were all checked to make sure they weren't "one off" positive reviews. Each one quoted was from a Trip Advisor user that had made several other reviews of completely unrelated businesses. No fake ones allowed.

We're not sure how a small town saloon and pizza place can garner so many positive online reviews but we're here for it. Have you ever been to Wild West Pizzeria & Saloon? It's pretty awesome and a really good choice for grabbing a quick lunch, OR heading out for pizza, drinks, games, and live music at night.

Not many places can pull off both "scenes". Finding a place that's family friendly during the day and a fun place to party at night is pretty rare. (Big chain restaurants try to pull it off sometimes but it's rarely successful.) A funky, local joint is always going to be a better choice in my book. And the reviews we found back that up.

Wild West Pizzeria and Saloon - Google Maps
Wild West Pizzeria and Saloon - Google Maps
  • "Excellent pizza and decor in beautiful West Yellowstone. We had the wings and pizza. Believe the reviews!"
  • "There is a reason as to why this is rated so high on trip advisor...because it has excellent pizza! Be advised, the saloon side is truly a saloon...but the restaurant side is perfect for families."
  • "The fresh baked bread for sandwiches was delicious. Service was great and server even offered advice on things to do around town. I will go back."
  • "Long day driving over holiday weekend in yucky weather. Came across this lil gem! It was busy but we got right in. Attended to quickly and when food came… soooo good! I had lasagna, others had pizza and Mac n cheese. All Freshly made and piping hot."
  • "The one stars complain that there is an extra charge for using a credit card. Big deal- it was $1.45 on ours. The food and service shine here-at least that was our experience."
  • "Exceptional. I asked my wife why so many pizza places just can’t get the crust right. They sure know it here as it is fantastic. Service was great and a wonderful small town feeling."

The Original Location: Pizzeria & Saloon For dine-In 14 Madison Ave, West Yellowstone, Montana. PHONE: (406) 646-4400. They also have a merch shop and a healthy list of events including live music, special themed parties, and tournaments.

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