Well, darn it all. Sometimes we cross our fingers and hope that a rumor isn't true. And that was exactly what we were doing when we heard rumblings that The Hub Family Entertainment Center in Missoula could possibly be closing. But after almost three weeks without an official announcement - the impending closure of The Hub has been confirmed.

Add it to the list

It's just another addition to the number of family venues and activities that we've seen close recently. Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park closed at the start of the year, The Giggle Box is about to end its run at Southgate Mall, the Missoula Maze has sold the property and future plans aren't known at this point, and the Missoula Haunted House isn't happening this year - and might be done for good. I've been reading the comments on social media about The Hub closing and one common theme is that parents are definitely frustrated that family activities around Missoula continue to close.

No, you can't go one last time

On Monday, The Hub put a post on social media and their website that said they were closed permanently as of September 13. No more laser tag, go-carts, and arcades. I've seen a few comments where people are frustrated because they had birthday parties scheduled before the end of the month and now have to hurry to find alternate plans.

The official word

The following is what was posted by The Hub to announce the news of their closure to the public:

"It is with deep sadness that we are announcing the permanent closure of The Hub Family Entertainment Center effective today Monday, September 13, 2021.

All parties that were scheduled after this date have now been refunded in full.

We have so appreciated the enormous support of the community both near and wide.  Because of a devastating and unexpected death in our family last December, we have had no alternative but to make this difficult decision.  We had planned to stay open longer, but once news of our pending sale became public, keeping and finding employees became all the more difficult.  The last 9 years have been amazing and we really have loved every minute of time we have spent with you and your families."

Is there still hope?

It's unfortunate to hear that a death in the family is part of the reason why the owners had to sell. What does the future hold? I've heard rumors about a church possibly taking over the space - but nothing that has been substantiated. Maybe there's still hope that someone can step in and continue to operate the business as an entertainment center. If not, I hope I'll be able to round up a few bucks and score one of those sweet arcade games!

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