About a month ago, near the end of August, we got the sad news that Fred's Lounge was closing permanently. FRED'S. Of all the places in this world you can count on to be there, it's Fred's. When you come home from the north or west, you know you've reached Missoula when you see Fred's. And you can't blame COVID for this one, local hero Jo is retiring after dedicating most of her adult life to managing the club.

Join us for their unofficial going away party this Saturday starting at 4. There will be two shifts for your favorite dancers, 4 to 9 p.m. and 9 to close. We're hearing that costumes beyond regular dancewear will be involved, and you really have to wonder if the plan is to serve the rest of the beer and alcohol and get rid of all the merch. We're not quite sure what the plan is, but we know we can't miss it!

The dancers have had a rough month knowing that their place of employment is closing, the entire staff is very sentimental about their bar, so be sure to tip big! Don't be the a-hole sitting in the corner enjoying the show but not tipping.

Fred's is Missoula's original gentleman's club, popular with truckers driving through or staying a night in town. But Fred's has also been quite popular with locals throwing bachelor parties or hosting friends from out-of-town, or just out for an unforgettable night of fun. We've thrown plenty of parties out at Fred's. I remember doing a concert ticket giveaway out there when I was pregnant. It was also a costume party and I hosted as a pregnant nun, it was a helluva good time. We'll miss Fred's, but never forget it, see you Saturday!

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