Over the past few years my wife Savannah has become really good at restoring older furniture. My favorite piece ever was when she worked on an old radio and it is now in our house, it looks great. Recently she has had this desire to work on our dresser in our bedroom. This past weekend that task really took off.

I knew this was a project that she wanted to get done rather quickly so we both spent time this weekend sanding and painting this older dresser, although you don't realize how much effort really goes into a project like this. I will admit even with as difficult as it was sanding the little edges it has been fun working on a project like this with the music cranked up.


While we aren't done with the project quite yet, we are both looking forward to the day that it is done, which isn't too far away. Plus instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new furniture set for our bedroom we will know that it just took some time and patience to make our look new again.

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