Pinterest has done it again, created a new hobby for my wife, but this might be my favorite so far. The cool looking curtain rod that we have in our living room was great but got expensive quick. These new projects aren't as expensive and they are coming out looking great! So, what is the new DIY projects, wreaths!

Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins

I have to admit when my creative and talented wife said she wants to make a wreath I thought this would be an expensive and very time consuming project but it really isn't. And Savannah is just wanting to do more and more of them, which she should, she is good at creating them.

So far she has only completed one, but she already has the supplies for her second one, which I will admit I am excited to see completed. For her second wreath she is going to go for more of a 'Patriotic Theme', that we can hang around Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. Who knows, maybe she just found a fun side business? Or maybe I will soon have wreaths for each week out of the year.


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