I had no idea how many times I was going to go to the hardware store, or how expensive home repairs can get. It's strange, how when you start working on one project around the house you notice about twenty other things that need an upgrade.

A few months ago my wife Savannah and I started discussing replacing the flooring in our house. Right now the carpet we have is old, and doesn't look very nice anymore. We also wanted to change from the half carpet and half laminate to switch to all Pergo laminate flooring. So that was, and still is our big project, hopefully to be finished with instillation Memorial Day weekend.


Although after discussing flooring, we realized that we would also need to replace some of the baseboards around the house. And that quickly snowballed into replacing some interior doors in our house so they all match. Now, I am pretty sure we have stopped taking on new projects seeing as how the people at the Hardware store run away when we enter the building, also it gets expensive when working on all these home improvements. Cheers to hopefully just enjoying all the improvements after Memorial Day!


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