Over this past weekend, I didn't have too many chores to get accomplished but changing out the shower head in the bathroom was one of them. Seeing as we have used the same shower head for a few years now this seemed like a very reasonable request from my wife.

Savannah had been a fan of changing out the shower head for a few weeks now as the old shower head didn't have water coming out of all of the holes. I loved the old shower head because the water pressure was fantastic and we get really hot water, which hot water and water pressure are what make it a great shower in my opinion. Savannah felt like the water pressure could come down a bit.

After changing the shower head on Saturday, Savannah enjoyed a shower and loved the new shower head. I had already taken a shower in the morning so I first used the new shower head on Sunday and while it did the job it doesn't seem to have the same water pressure. I refuse to switch back and forth between the two shower heads but it's amazing how much of a create of habit I have become, including not wanting to switch out a shower head that is multiple years old.

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