There's plenty of advice for running marathons. Make sure your shoes fit, your socks are comfortable, you're hydrated, etc.

But the number one piece of under-the-radar advice I have for you is to protect your nipples.

No, seriously you better take care of your nipples if you're running in the 2024 Missoula Marathon or Half-Marathon.

That was one of the tips given to me by Missoula Marathon Director Trisha Drobek. It sounds gross because it is, but it's sound advice that I never would have thought of.

"I see bloody nipples every year," said Drobek. Your mammary papillae will rub up against your shirt as you run and Drobek says if you don't train in the outfit you run the race in then your body may react harshly.


The website Runner's World suggests purchasing some protection.

Another remedy to help your body through the race is Body Glide. I had no idea what Body Glide was and probably should since I'm running the half marathon. 

"Chaffing that's just a part of being a runner. Body Glide is similar to Vaseline but it's not as, like, sticky. And you can buy, it's like a deodorant stick and you put it everywhere."

Drobek and I discussed more advice than just bloody nipples and chaffing, too. On top of your progression of longer runs, Drobek says to start to mimic your pre-race activities.

"Continue to practice your race day routines. If you eat oatmeal in the morning make sure that on your long run you eat oatmeal again."

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A few more tips from Runner's World include mimicking the race course and drinking on the run (water or sports drinks, not alcohol). Make sure the drink you're practicing with is the same drink offered on the course especially if you're stomach is prone to queasiness.

My final advice for you is if you plan on running, sign up now rather than later because race fees increase on June 24.

Good luck and I'll see you on the course. I'll be the guy lying on the side of the course due to a lack of oxygen.

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