A few weeks ago, Missoula Marathon Director Trisha Drobek stopped by our offices to record a few on-air interviews regarding the upcoming race. Drobek provided some great advice on running the marathon that you can find below.

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On a topic off-air, I mentioned to Drobek that I was running the Half Marathon (please hold your applause) with a good chance I'd finish dead last. Drobek chuckled and said I would be just fine at 28 compared to the 91-year-old competing in the race.

Come again?

Myrtle w/her son Brian Biller (Credit: Missoula Marathon)

I HAD to track her down. Myrtle Miller at 91 years young is gearing up to participate in another Missoula Half Marathon. She began competing in the Half 12 years ago at the young age of 79 and has participated every year since, minus the COVID years.

"The year before I saw two of my friends doing that [participating in the Half Marathon] and I thought 'Oh I want to do that too'" said Miller. "I was closer to do this type of thing," Myrtle explained after she and her husband moved into town.

Miller won't be alone at this year's Missoula Half Marathon on June 30th. She'll be joined by her son Brian (pictured above).

"My son's done it with me every year. He's a runner, in fact, he's running a 30K down in Idaho or someplace, but he's walked with me every year."

Some people will never compete in a race setting over their entire life but not Myrtle. She relishes the opportunity every spring to get back out there.

"It's just a goal I have each spring. I think 'Oh, I want to do this again,' so it's just kind of a goal, you know? I know the beginning of March we start training."

Myrtle is a pro at this point. She knows her training route and she knows what it will take to tackle the Half Marathon. This year Myrtle is looking to complete the the 13.1 miles in 4 hours and 30 minutes. 

"I think I did it in 4:15:00 last year, so I think it will be 4:30:00 this year. Looking back, I've been keeping track, looking back over the years each year I'm about 15 [minutes] to half an hour slower."

Myrtle is more than just a walker...

Prior to retirement, Myrtle worked at the hospital for 40 years as a pediatrics nurse after she migrated to Montana from her home state of Pennsylvania. Outside of the Half Marathon endeavors, Myrtle is kept busy with her husband, two children and three grandchildren.

Keep on walking, Myrtle. I think it's going to be a really close finish between Myrtle and myself. She's got the experience and I'm afraid she'll make me eat my dust.

You can listen to our full interview below.

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