The 2024 Missoula Marathon was a fantastic event, per usual. The weather was great, the racers ran hard and I had never felt more accomplished than when I conquered the Half Marathon.

Note: It was not a speedy 13.1 for yours truly. A bathroom stop and a sore foot hampered my time. Plus, I'm not that athletic, so it was never going to be a sub 2:00:00 time.

It was my first time competing in a race above a 5K, and I loved it.

Credit: Missoula Marathon
Credit: Missoula Marathon

Look at those positive vibes. You can't even tell I'm ready to dissolve into a puddle of jello.

The Missoula Marathon is such a large event, and after seeing how many people are needed to make this thing click, I have to give several shoutouts.

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First, we have to thank Trisha Drobeck, the event director. It all starts with Trisha, who has to shoulder many of the responsibilities.

Thank you to all the volunteers.

Thank you to the bus drivers for picking us up at 4:15 am to drive our dead bodies to the starting line.

Thank you to the UPS drivers for hauling our items to the finish line.

Thank you to all the volunteers on the course - cheerleaders, water filler-uppers, first aide assistants and pacesetters.

Thank you to the Missoula Police Department for directing traffic and keeping us safe.

Thank you to the people serving food and beer at the end of the race. The Moose Drool I cracked open at Caras Park may have literally saved my life.

Thank you to all the spectators who came out to cheer us all on. Your energy was palpable and the signs y'all created were great.

Thank you to the 2024 Missoula Marathon Champion Mark Messmer for passing me with two miles to go. That was quite a humbling experience to know that you ran 24 miles in the same time I completed 11.

Thank you to the guy who played piano in his front yard. It was in the first third of the Half Marathon course and some guy was chilling in his front yard serenading the runners with beautiful music on his grand piano. It was awesome.

I'm sure I missed some people who deserve their flowers. Bottom line: THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO MADE THE MARATHON GREAT.

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