We have made it to Missoula Marathon weekend. Runners, make sure you take these couple of days to relax and stretch—no need to run 10 miles on the eve of the Marathon. You should rest up to ensure you're 100% for Sunday's race.

If you're not participating in the event, come out Sunday to cheer on the racers. Here are the maps of both the Marathon and Half Marathon courses.

Credit: Missoula Marathon
Credit: Missoula Marathon

The full marathon begins way the heck out in Frenchtown and trails along the Clark Fork before finishing downtown.

The half marathon is shorter (duh). The half begins at the Apex off Highway 93 and curls up Blue Mountain Road before joining the main marathon course at Maclay Bridge.

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Spectator highlights

Fans have four spots they can take in the race from the spectator section.

  • Marathon mile marker 9.6 (Mullan Road & Kona Ranch Road - located just up the road from The Ranch Club Golf Course)
  • Marathon mile marker 16.7 / Half Marathon mile marker 4 (Clements Road & North Ave W - located by the big cow)
  • Marathon mile marker 23.4 / Half Marathon mile marker 10.3 (Franklin Street & Blaine Street - located right by Rose Park)
  • Marathon mile marker 26.2 / Half Marathon mile marker 13.1 (Beartracks Bridge - the finish line)

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Track your favorite runners

This is my favorite part of the race. If you want to track your loved one or friend in the race you can do so. You can download the "Competitive Timing App" and search your person's race number to see how badly they're struggling.

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The rest of the weekend

Events begin today (Friday, June 28) with a special presentation at Caras Park at 3. The Beer Run takes place tonight and the 5K and Kids Marathon happens on Saturday. The Runners Expo runs Friday and Saturday, as well.

For the full event guide check out the link here.

2023 Missoula Marathon

Gallery Credit: Chris Wolfe

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