There will be a lot of marathon articles over the next two months. I'm running the Missoula Half Marathon and will need your help. I need suggestions for songs to go on my playlist, shoes, attire, and any other tips you have for me.

Because God knows I'll need all the help I can get.

I'm not tough enough to run the full marathon, but let's start at the half and see if I survive.


Anyway, there is an impending change in pricing in the next few weeks to sign up for the races.

What you need to know

If you are interested in running either the half or full marathon then you should sign up before Wednesday, May 15. Price increases go into effect on the 15th. Currently, you can sign up for the marathon for $127 (there are still 138 spots remaining) and the half marathon for $117.

It's not a significant increase, but you might as well save 5 bucks and register now. The marathon will run you at $132 and the half marathon will tag you for $122 starting on the 15th. A second price increase occurs a week before the race on June 24. At that point, the Marathon is tabbed for $132 and the Half Marathon is up to $142.

The Missoula Half Marathon and Marathons take place on Sunday, June 30. If you're looking for an easier race try out the Tony Banovich 5K which will run you $42 right now, $47 after May 15 and $57 after June 24.

Or maybe you don't want to run at all and would rather go to a more laid-back event than maybe check out the Brewfest coming up in Missoula.

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