It's Fall - the leaves are changing colors and they're starting to hit the ground. And you're thinking, "God, I do not want to rake these leaves, that is so much work." Well then, just don't! It's actually better for the ecosystem if you don't!

Scientists at the National Wildlife Foundation have been urging people to stop raking their leaves. There's a whole list of reasons given, like how it disrupts a mini-ecosystem created by the layer of leaves on the ground, and many wildlife species rely on that leaf layer for shelter and food.

For gardeners, the leaves are a natural mulch. Plus you're not just throwing out the leaves, you're throwing out pupae attached to them, which means no butterflies in the spring. Plus, by not raking or using a leaf blower, you're reducing waste and pollution.

But, most importantly, you get to spend that time doing something else! You won't throw out your back, you won't have to spend all Sunday morning doing it. You can just crack open a beer, sit on a porch, and watch the leaves fall instead. Sounds good to me.

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