It was a bit of a surprise to see that Ashley McBryde had to postpone her show at The Wilma last night. We've been talking about the show for months and I came into work today thinking she had played the show as planned. I decided to poke around online and see if I could find any pictures or posts about the show on social media. The first thing I saw was a recap from Tuesday night in Billings where she opened for Luke Combs. I read a review of the show and then moved on to find some details from the Missoula show. But after arriving in Missoula, an accident meant Ashley wouldn't be able to perform at The Wilma as planned.

Missoula was ready for Ashley

I know there was a lot of excitement for Ashley McBryde to play in town. I had talked to multiple people that wanted to see her last summer at Headwaters Country Jam. But after COVID-19 wiped out that show, Ashley was one of the few names that went missing when they announced the mostly-intact lineup that would eventually play the rescheduled Headwaters show last month. But Ashley fans in Missoula that were going to miss her at Headwaters had a reason to cheer - earlier in the spring Logjam Presents announced that Ashley McBryde was scheduled to play last night's concert at The Wilma.

Ashley McBryde was injured in Missoula yesterday

There wasn't much to go on when word of the show being postponed hit social media. One person commented that they saw all the gear being unloaded into The Wilma earlier in the day - so it must have been an unplanned cancellation. To be honest, the details are still kind of sketchy at this point. But it appears that Ashley McBryde was killing time in Missoula before the show yesterday when she suffered an injury while horseback riding. Ashley's Instagram page says she ended up going to the hospital and getting stitches for an unnamed injury. It also says she had some sore bones which suggest that it was some sort of a fall. The social media post did make sure to thank Missoula hospital workers and EMTs for their help.

When Will we get to see Ashley McBryde in concert?

It's a busy schedule for Ashley as she's currently on a tour that has more than 35 dates. After her injuries, not only was the Missoula show from last night postponed, but tonight's show in Spokane is as well. Right now her social media pages say that new dates for both shows are TBA. When we know - you'll know! Hopefully, Ashley can rest up and get back to Missoula soon.

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