Look, if there's one place where you're guaranteed to see some snowliage, it's Montana.

But wait, what is "snowliage," you ask? Don't worry, I'll explain it to you!

Snowliage: What is it?

"Snowliage" is a clumsy portmanteau combining the words "snow" and "foliage" - basically, it's when the leaves are still in the process of changing and falling, but then snow comes in earlier than people were expecting. The result is a contrast between the white snow and the colorful fall leaves - hence, "snowliage."

Thrillist put this article together explaining snowliage and highlighted a few locations around the country where people often see it, including Yosemite National Park in California and the Adirondacks Mountains in New York. It also briefly mentions Montana, but doesn't name anywhere specific.

That's Where You Come In

Montana is no stranger to snow arriving early - I remember last year when I was looking forward to an outdoor screening of The Thing in October and it got cancelled due to snow (although, since the movie takes place in the Arctic, I still think they should have kept it going - it would have made for a very immersive experience!)

The tricky thing about snowliage is that it's tough to predict - there's no telling where or when it's going to snow until a few days ahead of time. So we're going by your memory here - where's a place in Montana where you've seen some beautiful snowliage?

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