Have you given in? Are you already saying it's "fall?" (Or maybe you're a bit more proper and it's "autumn" in your case.) We've reached that weird point where it's still technically summer for a couple weeks - but your brain has already moved on. On one hand you've already thought back fondly on the memories of everything you did while school was out for summer, you've accepted the fact that everything is becoming flavored with pumpkin spice, and you're already in football mode. But on the other hand, it's supposed to hit 90 degrees for a couple of days this week and it ruins your plans of leaving summer behind. The struggle is real.

Whatever way you're leaning.....the fall weather will soon be here and your wardrobe choices will be forced to adapt. Hey, maybe that's the official sign of fall - when you finally break out your first flannel of the season! You gotta love this - Southgate Mall is throwing a celebration to pay tribute to your favorite stylish options. Get ready for Flannel Fest on Saturday, October 2nd.

It looks like they have a bunch of fun stuff planned: live music, games, local beers on tap, plaid contest, free beard trims, s'mores station, jerky tastings, giveaways (Traeger grill, gift cards, Griz gear) and more!

Oh, and wouldn't you know it, it's on the same day that the new SCHEELS store will open their doors! That'll make things convenient. If you don't have a flannel shirt to wear.....just head over to Scheels and I'm sure you'll find a thing or two to make sure you fit in with the flannel crowd.

Let me guess, they had you hooked at free beard trims and s'mores? If that's the case - get more details with Flannel Fest HERE - or stop by Southgate Mall on October 2 from 12 PM - 4 PM.

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