It's true that many campgrounds in the Bitterroot National Forest stay open until snow closes 'em down late this fall or early in the winter. But the summer season is coming to a close and this weekend, a couple of areas are shutting down.

On the Darby/Sula ranger District, two lookouts are shutting their doors this weekend. September 19th is the closing day for both the McCart Lookout up the East Fork and Medicine Point Lookout. At the end of September, a few more areas are affected.

Water services will be shut down no later than September 26 at almost all campgrounds, so be ready to bring your own water when you camp. Camping fees will be charged at the Lake Como Campgrounds through September 27, but the Daily Use parking fees are done for the season. The Lower Campground (for RVs) will close September 27 and Three Frogs tent campground will close October 18. Also at Como, Wood's Cabin is available fall and winter for $60 a night during the "non-peak" season.

Pack It In, Pack It Out is what you need to practice for the rest of the camping season. If you create garbage while camped, take it back home with you. On the Darby/Sula Ranger District, fees will be charged at Spring Gulch, Indian Trees, Martin Creek, Warm Springs and Crazy Creek Campgrounds through October 4. Indian Trees and Spring Gulch will close October 4th and the rest will remain open until closed by snow.

On the Stevensville Ranger District, fees will be charged until September 26 on the Charles Waters Campground up Bass Creek, but the campground will be open with no services through October. The Larry Creek Group Site will take reservations until September 30 and then it's first come-first served until December. Blodgett and Gold Creek Campgrounds will be open until snow closes them.

Up the West Fork, Fees will be charged until September 26 at Rombo and Alta Campgrounds and they'll be open with no services until snow. Snow will also close the Sam Billings, Slate Creek, Fales Flat, Beaver Point, Raven Creek, Indian Creek and Paradise Campgrounds. Again, Pack it in, Pack it out.

Of course, circumstances could change, so always check the Bitterroot National Forest Facebook page for the latest. Fall is a great time in Western Montana!

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