New Year's Eve 2015 was incredible! First Night Missoula was so much fun with the best part of the night being the 10th annual First Night Spotlight. Which included thirteen of the most talented singers and performers from high schools around western Montana. There was a wide variety of songs and each competitor was so talented it would be difficult to say this wasn't the best year ever. The list of competitors were:

Kelsey Austin (Junior) & Lance Fisher (Sophomore) from Big Sky High School

Faith Arledge (Sophomore) & Jessy Stobart (Senior) from Big Sky High School

Faith Kukla (Freshman) from Loyola Sacred Heart High School

Leila Parsons (Junior) from Hellgate High School

Elias Snyders (Senior) from Sentinal High School

Maiah Wynne (Senior) Home Schooled

Kanon Saunders (Senior) from Sentinal High School

Casey Nelson (Senior) & Rylee Fred (Junior) from Big Sky High School

Rachel Murphy (Junior) from Sentinal High School

Maris Ward (Freshman) from Hellgate High School

Michaela Ballowe (Junior) from Williard Alternative High School

Sophie Therriault (Junior) & Jalynn Nelson (Junior) from Hellgate High School

Elle Daniel (Sophomore) from Hellgate High School

The top three were awarded metals or a trophy, flowers, and lots of other goodies from local business such as recording time from one of the sponsors of the event. And the top three finalist were:

3rd place- Maiah Wynne

2nd place- Casey Nelson & Rylee Fred

and our First Night Spotlight winner was Maris Ward!!!

Check out her winning performance here.

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