A lot of people travel out of the country for winter fly fishing vacations but for me I like to explore right here in the Unites States, plus I don't have my passport.

So here are some destinations that you can go right here in the United States you can still find decent weather in the winter for fly fishing.

  • Colorado River in Arizona, fairly warm and can expect mild changes in weather nothing drastic.
  • The Keys in Florida, always fun and warm. Obviously there are some things to watch for is changing weather rapidly but that is common in Florida. normally close to 80 degrees in December.
  • San Diego, California where it's always nice there right?
  • The Coast of Texas, provides some good fishing in the winter for a few different species. Although cloudy and rainy can be the name of the game but better then ice and snow.
  • Louisiana also features the same type of weather as parts of the coast of Texas. Provides some great red fishing during some parts of winter.

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