This was fun to think about and realize that most of have something kiddish we will never stop doing.

Reddit had a feed and some funny very relatable answers started to come up, like :

  • sliding on a slick floor in your socks
  • taking naps
  • picking my nose ( an actual answer on reddit...and most people have or do)
  • At the grocery store, getting a few steps running start and riding on the shopping cart when nobody's looking
  • eating fruit snacks
  • eating cereal
  • popping all the bubble wrap
  • using the old wrapping paper tube as a sword

These are little kid things that you will never stop doing. For me, it's watching cartoons, eating fruit snacks, love taking naps and running through the sprinkler.

More funny comments were:

  • splashing in puddles
  • briefly smelling markers ( not sure why we all did this as kids)
  • eating snow
  • coloring books
  • believing that most people are good ( true statement about little kids and good answer)


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