One of the great things about the holidays is all the baking that goes on. Here is a recipe for you this holiday season and one you may not have heard of.

Christmas Lasagna isn't what it sounds like and to start off is a dessert not entree. There are a few ways you can go with this recipe. This is the way I think is best and will be doing myself this holiday. Of course a lasagna has layers and to start off you will make some red velvet shortbread in a square pan or red velvet cake but don't make the whole cake. That is your first layer.

Second layer needs to be green so you can do a no bake cheesecake and die it green See recipe here. Or you can use pistachio pudding. I think that will be the way that I go. You can use the no-bake as the top of the lasagna for extra though.

Top layer if you don't use the no bake cheesecake, can be whip cream and marshmallows with red and green sprinkles.

Once you see pictures here it will all make sense as to how the lasagna dessert is pieced together.


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