Yesterday, I just got back from Las Vegas and it seriously was one of the most fun trips I have ever had in Sin City. One of the main reasons I had so much fun was that I didn't stay on the Las Vegas Strip. That probably sounds crazy but after going to Las Vegas so many times, you know what the strip offers, and how exhausting it can get.

The trip I just went on was with a big group of people, the trip was based on our Fantasy Baseball Draft. So we had 15 people all staying at this really nice VRBO just a few miles south of the Strip. What made it so fantastic is that we could be on the Strip having a great time but when we wanted to relax we could go back to the house and just unwind. Each night I was there I spent time in the hot tub just relaxing, which is normally the opposite of what Las Vegas does to you.

If you're looking to party it up or it's your first trip to Las Vegas, I would highly recommend staying on the Las Vegas Strip. But after you have been there a number of times and experienced Las Vegas I would suggest going the VRBO route and enjoy a more relaxing stay.

Here were some pictures of the VRBO that we stayed in:

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