Lookout Throwing Company really is one of my favorite places to go and have some fun. I mean, where else besides your backyard or the woods can you just throw axes around? I guess I haven't really tried it anywhere else.....but I would guess it tends to be frowned upon in most public areas. Have you been to Lookout's new location? It won't be long and they'll be celebrating their one-year mark over at the new Kent Plaza (next to Trempers Shopping Center in Missoula.)

Seriously, you have to get over there and throw some axes. If you're looking for a date night, something fun to do with friends and family, a birthday party, or company party.....you'll have a ton of fun! There's nothing like the feel of the blade in your hand to make you feel the power as you launch your axe at the target. And nothing takes that same feeling away like when your axe doesn't stick in the boards and it clangs to the ground while your friends snicker. Ha!

It looks like it's time to party as Lookout Throwing Company is getting ready to hold a customer appreciation event on October 3rd. They have a day of fun planned with beer, food, music, FREE throwing, giveaways, and even a blacksmith on hand to maybe showcase some axe-making talents.

Yep, it looks like all of the boxes are checked when it comes to party essentials......beer, food, music, and giveaways!

If you've never been axe throwing - it'll be a great time to stop in and try it out. Who knows - you might end up loving it and find yourself participating in their weekly leagues!

Lookout Throwing Company says to watch their Facebook page for more details as the event gets closer.

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