The California transplant is notorious around these parts to the point where it's actually nauseous how ubiquitous they are in conversation.

But here I go writing about another Californian because they live rent-free in my head. Though I, too, am a transplant, so I can't talk too much smack about anyone. This is also a transplant I respect.

The website Business Insider featured a story, written by Kelsey Vlamis, about some chap forced out of California because it's crazy, stupid expensive out there on the West Coast. The lad's name is Ian Baylon. He and his wife decided to move to Montana because...

Brace yourself



Come on, is this a joke? Am I being punked? I almost keeled over from laughter at how stereotypical this is. The transplant migrating to Montana because they watched Yellowstone is a great bit, but now that this guy has brought it to life it has me rolling on the floor laughing.

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For a disclaimer, I don't think it's funny he "had" to move. Rather the real-life stereotype of watching Yellowstone followed by a move to Montana is hilarious to me.

Now, I will defend Baylon because he said he loves the people of Montana. He said he feels welcome by people who don't look like him and possess different beliefs.

The article also wasn't solely about Yellowstone. Baylon wanted to reinforce that not all Montana transplants are rich Californians buying up all the land. He's an honest worker struggling to buy a home like the rest of us.

Thanks for not being rich and buying all the land, Baylon. We appreciate it and welcome you with open arms.

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