The Montana High School Association Board solidified its state tournament schedule for the 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 school years. Missoula reaped the benefits by receiving seven state tournaments according to a press release from Destination Missoula.

  • All Class State Cross Country Meets (Oct. 25, 2025, at the University of Montana Golf Course)
  • Class B/C Tennis or Class A Tennis Tournaments (May 22-24, 2025 at Fort Missoula Regional Park)
  • Class B/C Track & Field Meet (May 22-24, 2025 at Missoula County Public Schools Stadium)
  • Class C State Boys and Girls Basketball Tournaments (March 11-14, 2026, at Adams Center)
  • Class AA State Softball Tournament (May 28-30 at Fort Missoula Regional Park)
  • Class B/C or Class A State Tennis Tournaments (May 28-30, 2026 at Fort Missoula Regional Park)
  • Class AA/B State Track & Field Meet (May 28-30. 2026 at Missoula County Public Schools Stadium)

Missoula hosted the AA Boys and Girls Basketball Tournaments earlier this year and the High School Baseball Tournament this Spring. Director of the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research Patrick Barkey describes how state tournaments can impact a local economy.

"Missoula is a hub for a lot of things that bring people here," explained Barkey. "Some of that is the retail, some of that is professional services, recreation and of course the events. Any event that brings people to Missoula adds to the economy, because people are bringing their money, and at the very least they are buying gasoline and food. But they're also doing things like spending money on accommodations and lots of other things."

We saw an excellent example of that during last year's Grizzlies Football National Championship run.

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The state tournaments may not bring in millions, but it is expected to "bring in more than 2,500 out-of-town visitors" on the 2026 Memorial Day weekend alone.

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Destination Missoula/Tourism Business Improvement District sales manager Kara Bartlett says it goes beyond the economic benefit too.

"High school sports events are not just about competition, they represent a collaboration of community spirit, energy, and economic vitality. By hosting these tournaments, Missoula opens a multitude of benefits," said Bartlett via the Destination Missoula press release.

It's a great win for Missoula, and we can't wait to host all the great events.

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