I'm a little tired, my back is a little sore, but it feels good making improvements around your house. Also, isn't it strange how you start working on one little project, next thing you know you are making changes to everything around your house. To be honest, my wife Savannah and I didn't have intentions on working on the outside of our house this past weekend, and of course that is where we spent a bulk of our Sunday. Well, outside and at the hardware store.

It started just as a quick stop to pick up our order of flooring, we are going to be replacing out flooring over the Memorial Day weekend. After loading 37 boxes of laminate and taking that home we realized 4 of them were broken so we had to go right back to the hardware store. And while we were there, we noticed a few things that would really help the outside of our home look better so Sunday was dedicated to outdoor improvements.

We did clean up the front of our house but still so much work to do. One thing is for sure, when working on your home expect things to take way longer than you expect and you should always plan on multiple trips to the hardware store. After we get a few more things I will post pictures, unfortunately we ran out of time to get everything done this weekend. But, that's what happens when working on home improvement projects.


    Koda & Gypsy playing in their kiddie pool!