The Missoula County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page posted on Thursday, June 6th to be aware of counterfeit money in the county.

Specifically, counterfeit twenty-dollar bills have been spotted.

"We recently received reports of counterfeit $20 bills in the Lolo area," said the Sheriff's Office's Facebook post. "Please be on the lookout and report."

The post warned consumers that these bills are "very realistic." One way to pinpoint a counterfeit bill is by looking at President Andrew Jackson's face. The image can appear "slightly less in focus" and "slightly darker." The White House image on the back of the bill comes off less in focus and darker as well.

With the 20 in hand, the Sheriff's Office provided three steps to expose a counterfeit.

1) Feel: Jackson's neck should have a "rough" feeling "because of the raised printing and unique composition of the paper.

2) Tilt: By tilting the bill you can see the "lower right corner change from copper to green."

3) Check: Look for the watermark and security thread. On the right side of the bill there is a watermark of President Jackson that won't appear on fake bills.

Here's the full Facebook post.


Unfortunately, it was a busy week for crime in Missoula County. You can get caught up to speed with the latest stories, with the links, below.

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