I'm new to Missoula, so a few days ago, I posed a very simple question: who has the best burger in Missoula? These are the kinds of things I need to know, and you guys responded with a whole list of great-sounding places that I've got to work my way through. But now, I must ask a question that might possibly be even more important: where can you get the best pizza in Missoula?

Here's the thing: I'm from New York. You can't walk five feet without stumbling onto an amazing pizza place. It's what we're known for. My main concern when I made the decision to move to Montana was that I wouldn't be able to find a pizza anywhere near as good as the pizza in New York.

So, I want to be proven wrong! Comment with your favorite pizza place in town and rub my New York pizza snobbery in my face. And again, time is of the essence. I'm hungry over here.

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