I've mentioned this in the past, but I'm from New York, and if that means just one thing, it's that I take my pizza very seriously.

That was a big concern when moving from New York to Montana - so many people would ask me if I was going to be able to find decent pizza out here. It was a worrying thought!

Luckily, Missoula's got no shortage of good pizza, which is why it's no surprise to me that a Missoula pizza place was highlighted as the best in the entire state in a new, extensive article by Food & Wine. The article counts down the top ten states for pizza in the entire country, and then it goes one step further by putting a spotlight on the best pizza in every single state.

So we didn't make the top 10, but Montana's best pizza - according to Food & Wine, that is - is Biga Pizza right here in Missoula. The article highlights their creative toppings and their recent expansion allowing them to master the art of delivery. They also give a quick shoutout to Blackbird Pizza in Bozeman, too.

And, as a born New Yorker, I was shocked - shocked! - to learn that my home state didn't take the top spot. New York was number THREE on the list, behind Connecticut in 2nd place and New Jersey at number one. And come on, Connecticut and New Jersey would be nowhere if not for New York's pizza. It's like listing the top 10 Led Zeppelin songs and putting anything but "Stairway to Heaven" at number one - New York just belongs there!

Ah well - do you think Biga Pizza deserves their spot as Montana's best, or do you have another favorite that you'd rather see take it?

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