This week, Americans tuned in to watch the presidential debate, and as a nation, we collectively banged our heads on the table and cursed everything and everyone who ever got us to this point.

And then, we remembered there were two MORE debates scheduled for this month, and the overall reaction has pretty much been "No thanks, I'm good." To me, the debates seem almost like a pointless formality - it's hard to imagine there are many undecided voters out there at this point. We've been dealing with a never-ending news cycle of both candidates for months now - if you haven't figured out who you're voting for yet, what exactly have you been paying attention to?

In any case, if you know who you're voting for and you want to get a jump on things, you may want to consider voting early and getting it out of the way. Every state does things differently, so Thrillist actually put together a helpful tool detailing the voting procedures in every state in the US. 

And it really does offer you pretty much everything you could need to know. For example, in Montana, the deadline to register to vote by mail is October 26th, but you can register in person up until election day. They've also got info on how to register, how to vote by mail, how to get an absentee ballot, how to track your mail-in ballot, and more!

You can check out all the details about Montana's voting procedures right here, and please, remember to vote in 2020. During the 2016 election, roughly 40% of eligible voters just didn't vote. Let's not let that happen this year, ok?

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