We know what you're thinking: "Isn't this how harmless and innocent things seemed to be at the start of The Shining? And we know what happened there."

But, no! This is far from a long-term time commitment. And the cabin has been sprayed to protect against freakish visits from terrifying apparitions.

Great Opportunity for Winter Enthusiasts

Our friends from the Montana Outdoor Radio Show have let us know that the Forest Service is looking for winter recreation enthusiasts to volunteer at the Gordon Reese Cabin located at the Chief Joseph Cross Country Ski area this winter. The cabin is located about one-half mile from the Chief Joseph Pass parking area/trailhead on Montana State Highway 43, 10 miles south of Sula MT and 25 miles west of Wisdom MT. Volunteers are welcome to assist in maintaining this popular facility throughout the winter season.

Tuesdays and Fridays during the ski season are set aside for volunteers to serve as Forest Service cabin hosts, helping maintain the cabin and trailhead facilities during the day and staying overnight for free.

What the Gig Entails

It is not necessary for volunteers to stay in the cabin through the entire day. Volunteers and their guests are encouraged to enjoy and explore the trails and surrounding winter landscapes. The Forest Service asks that volunteers occasionally return to the cabin to tend the wood stove fire, ensure snow is melting for hot water and make the cabin clean and comfortable for visitors to use as a warming shelter during the day.

Other general volunteer host duties include: meeting and greeting the public; answering visitor questions; shoveling paths leading to both outhouses at the cabin and the trailhead; clearing snow from the deck and doors and stocking and cleaning the cabin.

If you love cross country skiing and Montana in its high-altitude snowy splendor, a day or two of volunteering at the Gordon Reese Cabin could add a little kick to your winter.

How to Get This Sweet Gig

You gotta go old school to volunteer! Staring Monday, November 1, 8:00 a.m., call the Wisdom Ranger District office at (406) 689-3371.

Due to the popularity of the cabin volunteer program, this will be the only phone number available for volunteers to sign-up.

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