And the first question you have is, why would I want to do that? I can't help you there. But with the weather just starting to take on that winter look, lots of you probably have skiing on the brain.

So if you happen to be at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania this winter, who knows? It may be your next big love!

Seven Springs is one of the resorts that now offer uphill possibilities. Skiers use traction devices know as skins that enable them to go uphill. I would say the thrill of going fast will be greatly reduced, but maybe it better helps you work on your turns and balance at an easy pace.

Now, it  doesn't mean uphill skiers will be able to ski Seven Springs for free just because they might be able to avoid the lifts. And they will be limited to the first couple hours of the day. Just one more way to take on what nature has to offer!   DB