Ah the first ski trip of the year, as always I am sore but so worth it. It had snowed about 4 inches on Sunday so it was a perfect day to ski and a short drive to Montana Snowbowl. Montana Snowbowl is right in our backyard, but also close to us are mountains like Lost Trail, Discovery and Blacktail. Great terrain on all to be had.

I'm always a bit afraid of skiing my first time, but what's great is once you get on that chairlift..you have to get down. Then you realize how fun it is. Having such a fear of heights shouldn't stop you from skiing. The chairlifts are well operated and maintained and there are a lot of ways down that aren't steep.

Try to enjoy the snow if you can cause I imagine we will be getting a lot more of it. Here is to taking some more turns this year! Ski on friends.

Skiing Snowbowl
Skiing Snowbowl

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