When I lived in Minneapolis and St. Paul, I was a strict subscriber to Trader Joe's. You wouldn't catch me in any other grocery store, no disrespect. Now living in Missoula for the past few years, I've had to branch out and leave my one true love behind.

Now, it seems some jokester in Butte is toying with my emotions. Josh Margolis with NBC Montana tweeted out a picture of a sign that read "TRADER JOE'S COMING SOON," near Park and Covert Street.

An article on NBC Montana's website later confirmed there is no confirmation of a Trader Joe's coming to Butte per a spokesperson with Joe's and a member of the Butte Chamber of Commerce. The sign was taken down over the weekend.

Son of a...


I need to team up with Josh to get to the bottom of this. Maybe I need to team up with law enforcement to capture these people for messing with my feelings like that.

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All kidding aside, I'm very intrigued by why this sign appeared. Is it just some rapscallion playing a prank? Does someone have a friend named 'Joe' and they call him Trader Joe? Maybe Joe is a legit fur trader. Is someone pushing their agenda to bring a Trader Joe's to Butte?

Because if it's the last one I will vote for that person in any political office race.

An individual brought up "copyright infringement" in the replies to Margolis' tweet. There's no validity to it, but who knows, maybe someone tried to start up a rogue Trader Joe's - Montana edition.

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