If you are like me I have waited till the last minute to make anything for the Super Bowl party I am attending. No fear, the handy crock pot and easy recipes are here! 

1. Crock pot Meatballs. Easy enough, make the meatballs however you desire, use breadcrumbs to hold together. Then add BBQ sauce, honey garlic, whatever sauce you desire and let cook on high two hours.

2. Lil' Smokies. An easy pre-cooked given. Much like the meatballs just pour desired sauce in there and cook.

3. Walking taco. Grab a few small bags of Doritos and Frito's. Then make the fixing for tacos and throw it in a chip bag with the top cut off. . Also the host of the party will appreciate not having to dirty more dishes or use more paper plates too.





    Super Bowl Skittle Bombing

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