Hyundai deployed a new marketing campaign for the Super Bowl back in February. The commercial featured a family of Vikings driving a Santa Fe to escape the monotony of regular ole' life.

Here's the full Super Bowl commercial.

That was the original version, but watching the NBA Playoffs a few nights ago (go Milwaukee Bucks) I heard something that caught my attention.

It was during a commercial break, so I was scrolling my phone, not paying attention when someone from the TV said "Take us to the Bitterroot Forest." My ears perked up like a dog hearing their owners pull into the driveway. At first, I thought "Did she say the Bitterroot or did my Montana mind make that up?"

I scoured the internet and couldn't find the exact version where the lady mentions the Bitterroots and began gaslighting myself into thinking I misheard it, but then the commercial aired later in the night and I definitely heard it.

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But then it still took me eons to find the Bitterroot version online. I finally tracked it down on Lauren Hastings' Instagram page. By the looks of it, I think Lauren is the actress in the commercial.


By the way, is that truly the Bitterroot? Can anybody pinpoint the location of those camera shots? I don't know it well enough, so I'll assume it is valid.

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Speaking of commercials, if I have to watch Apple's "Don't Let Me Go" autotune commercial again I'm checking myself into the psychiatric ward.

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