It was painful to watch on Saturday as the Atlanta Falcons did everything they needed to do to get the win over my Seattle Seahawks. The first half of the game was played well, the Seahawks offense was doing great things, but the Falcons looked even better. When the second half got underway, the Falcons were flying high as my Hawks just couldn't stand up to the high powered Falcons offense.

I'm not making excuses for my team, because plain and simple, the Falcons were the better team on Saturday. They deserved to win the game. Although I do believe the outcome would have been different if injuries didn't take All-Pro Safety, Earl Thomas from us earlier in the season.

When Earl got hurt the Seahawks were giving up on average around 16 points per game. After he got hurt on average they were giving up 20+ points per game. That is a big difference. But that's football, and injuries happen, you have to be able to overcome those obstacles. Luckily for us Seahawk fans, there is always next year.


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