It took a bit longer to play their first game than they had envisioned. But after a name change and losing all of last season to COVID, the Missoula PaddleHeads have provided Missoula with a pretty fun summer of baseball. They ripped through the first half of the season and ended up with the best record in the league. Because of that, they're already guaranteed to be playing playoff baseball at home when the end of the season rolls around. And it's even more impressive when you consider a few Major League teams have already poached players from the PaddleHeads during the season.

If you want to make sure you're at Ogren Park for all the excitement of PaddleHeads baseball next year - they're offering up a deal for new and returning season ticket holders. You better jump on this if you want to be there for the fun giveaways, promo nights, and fireworks displays next season. This year had some pretty fun stuff - bobblehead night, growler night, $100 strikeout night, and more. You'll be there for all of it next season - and you'll save 20% on season tickets - if you purchase before the end of August (8/31.)

If you've ever watched infomercials where they say "but wait, there's more!".....this is that part when it comes to the season ticket deal with the PaddleHeads. All new season ticket holders that jump on the offer will also get tickets to the final 12 home games for this season - for FREE.

Since we're already talking about tickets.....and we know the PaddleHeads will be playing at Ogren Park to start the playoffs.....we should probably make sure the place is packed! Tickets for the first playoff game on 9/11 are available HERE.

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