Last night I had the privilege of watching my Seattle Seahawks battle a division rival, the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football. Even this early in the season this game could have had big playoff implications. If the Seahawks got the victory they would be 2.5 games ahead of everyone else in their division. If the Cardinals won they would only by .5 games behind the Seahawks.

At halftime everyone that was watching realized that this was going to be a defensive battle. The Cardinals were leading 3-0, with neither offense looking very impressive.

In the second half the Seahawks battled back to tie the game, 3-3 at the end of the game, it was headed to overtime.

Overtime started past 9pm which is my bedtime anyway, but they played an entire another quarter. After the Overtime quarter was done the Seahawks and the Cardinals were still tied up at 6-6 and that is how the game ended, in a tie!

Ugh! I waited up past 10pm, an hour after my bed time to watch my favorite team tie. Something that hasn't happened in the NFL for 2 years. The worst part is that both teams had a chance to win the game with their kickers from short distance and neither team could get it done.


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