Talking to co-workers everyone has someone who hogs the bed, whether it is a spouse, or in my case the dogs! Last night for instance, I was in bed laying next to my wife, and our Boxer dog Gypsy was on the bed too. As I first got into bed, Gypsy was laying next to me. I fall asleep very quickly, so the next thing I remember is Gypsy waking me up at 2am because she is spread out across the whole bed. I know this is not the biggest problem in the world, it's just funny how everyone seems to have a bed hog in their life. Who is the bed hog in your life?

Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins

Here is Koda our other dog, lounging in bed. But at least he shares, Gypsy still needs to learn about sharing the bed!

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