I know I am not the only person that loses sleep stressing about work. For many years now Sunday has been my most difficult day to sleep because my mind was already thinking about work and the tasks that need to be completed. I tried many things to get past this issue but always worried about sleeping through my alarm at the same time.

The best solution I have found was replacing my bed. I finally found a bed that is so comfortable it really makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Just a few months ago I got the i10 360-smart bed from the Sleep Number store here in Missoula and it comes with the Sleep IQ technology.

While I often still stress about work, I am noticing each week I seem to do a little better. With sleep being so important to your overall health whatever I can do to help you sleep better I want to pass along to you. If you're attempting to get a better night sleep make sure to stop at see my friends at the Sleep Number store on Reserve St. next to Fuddruckers, and tell them Billy sent you!


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