UGH! After being up later than normal after the Griz game on Saturday night, I was really looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday. Unfortunately, I never got that opportunity because my phone and more specifically one event got in the way. The NFL game being played over in Europe between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens.

So, it was only a few months ago when I got my new phone. There are still a lot of things that my phone can do that I just don't know about. Although one of the first apps I downloaded was one so I could better manage my fantasy sports teams. Long story short, my phone starting making noise at 6:45am on Sunday morning to make sure my lineup was set including players that were playing in the Europe game which started at 7am.

After the Florida Georgia Line show on Friday then the Griz game on Saturday night I was really looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday morning but no such luck because of my stupid new phone and the stupid new apps that I downloaded. Not that I am mad or anything. :) Oh, technology, it helps and hurts so many different aspects of our lives.


    Sky High at the Big Sky Resort

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