Here are some Super Bowl randoms from Super Bowl 49.

1.  After his big Super Bowl victory, Patriots coach BILL BELICHICK kissed his daughter.  On the Lips.
2.  MISSY ELLIOTT got the biggest bump from the Super Bowl Halftime show.  Her streams on Spotify jumped by 676%.  LENNY KRAVITZ got a 103% bump, and KATY PERRY's activity went up 85%.
It's also estimated that Missy's catalog could see a 1,000% increase in sales.  Which is funny because a lot of younger viewers didn't even know who she was.  And Missy is fine with that.
She Tweeted, quote, "I think it's cool new kids think I'm a new artist.  That goes to show you that I'm still on fire and will rip down stages 20 years later."
3.  Remember that horrible Nationwide ad ?  Well, Nationwide claims their goal was NOT to sell insurance, but to start a "conversation" about safety.  
4.  Katy Perry got an "XLIX" tattooed on her finger to commemorate her participation in Super Bowl 49.  She also hung out with her ex JOHN MAYER at an after-party.  
5.  Fourteen years after they did the halftime show together, Brittany Spears and Steven Tyler met up at the big game.
6.  Is it really that controversial that Nissan used "Cat's in the Cradle" by HARRY CHAPIN for their ad, when Harry died in a car accident?  I mean, it happened more than 30 years ago.  Still too soon?    
7.  MOTLEY CRUE bassist NIKKI SIXX had promised to play a song NAKED if the Patriots beat the Seahawks.  And it looks like guitarist MICK MARS is holding him to it.
8.  At least Lenny Kravitz daughter Zoe had a sense of humor about KATY PERRY grinding on her dad.
9.  Someone vandalized the Wikipedia page of the Seattle Seahawks' offensive coordinator, saying he was responsible for, quote, "The most horrendous play call in Super Bowl history."  For the record, though, Head Coach Pete Carrol took the blame for the call.

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