Remember last March when events and functions starting getting postponed and canceled? And remember how we all thought it was just a minor inconvenience that would run its course in no time? That didn't exactly work out as we had hoped, did it? Oh.....but speaking of running and courses and such - here we are more than a year after the pandemic started and Run Wild Missoula is getting back to holding their monthly beer runs! If I can tell you one certainty in life - it would be that if there's ever hope of me running in any type of'll be something with the promise of beer and food waiting at the end of it.

If you're not familiar with the beer's how they describe it on the Run Wild Missoula website:

-- "5 Miles to Beer Thirty"  - The monthly beer run is a casual fun run/walk open to all runners and all abilities. Each month a 3 and 5 mile route is offered at a different brewery location on the last Wednesday of the month (schedule below), and at the end is a social gathering with libations and food. What could be a better way to end the month? --

The best part about the beer runs.....well, I guess the second best thing after the beer that's waiting for you at the that they're open to all runners and walkers. You don't need a Run Wild Missoula membership to participate. Want to get out and get a little exercise? Beer run. Want to burn some calories before you chow down on some grub and have a couple of beverages? Beer run. Want to take part in a fun event and maybe meet some new people? Oh, I don't know, might I suggest the beer run?

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As with everything else that's been able to return to the schedule - we're excited to see the monthly beer runs are back in action. Now, we just have to get the marathon back on track next year and all will be right in the Missoula running world.

Join us at Missoula Highlander Brewing Company on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 for our first beer run in over a year! Besides their excellent brews, Highlander has pizza by the slice, salads, and other delectable food choices available. Runners are responsible for their own beverage and food purchases. A 3 and 5 mile course will be offered.

There is no charge to participate in the beer run - but you can RSVP HERE.

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