If there's ever a time to shake off the winter blues, lace up the running shoes and run with your "tribe", it's this weekend in Missoula.

It's the return of Run Wild Missoula's "Run For the Luck of It", which is not only a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day but one of the most anticipated running events of the year with 5k and 7-mile courses.

Not convinced to run with a group for the first time in '24? Or, maybe return to running? I've got the Top 5 reasons to convince you below.

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#5. It's not as cold

"Run for the Luck of It" certainly isn't the first sponsored run of the year in Missoula. The "Resolution Run" kicks off the New Year, and the "Snow Joke" is a long-running tradition in Seeley. But hitting the street in mid-March is better because cold isn't usually a factor, especially with mild temps forecast this weekend.

#4. It's high time for a Marathon tune-up

The 2024 Marathon is quickly approaching, and in case you missed it, the full Marathon and Half Marathon training classes started March 3rd, and run through June 30th. Events like the "Luck Run" are a perfect way to put those new technics to use.

Run Wild Missoula
Run Wild Missoula

#3 Celtic Dragons

Run Wild's events are always fun, but having the Celtic Dragon Pipe Band as your warm-up soundtrack is pretty awesome. I dare you not to feel Irish when they're playing the St. Paddy's classics.

#2 Easy logistics

"Run for the Luck of It" used to be downtown, which was fine for the atmosphere. But parking was problematic. Now, the start and finish are at the Missoula County Fairgrounds, giving everyone plenty of room and making it easy for your "cheering section" to get you across the finish line.

#1 It's Missoula's funniest fun run!

There's something magical with this run. Maybe it's Montana's Irish heritage, or the fact everyone gets in the spirit. But this is the time to "take it to 11" with your costumes and take and share plenty of pics.

Run for the Luck Of It 2023

Gallery Credit: Chris Wolfe

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