Here at Missoula’s Townsquare Media, we are mourning the loss of our good friend Tony Banovich.

Tony, the long-time Race Director for the Missoula Marathon and Run Wild Missoula, passed away on Tuesday night from natural causes.

Townsquare Media General Manager Scott Richman said Tony was a good friend over the years.

“Like many people in the community, we were shocked to hear about Tony passing,” said Richman. “Tony was for Townsquare not only a great friend, but also a great partner, who was just always available, always brought so much enthusiasm and passion to everything that he did. We are a sponsor of the Missoula Marathon and the other races and we're just deeply saddened by his loss.”

Richman said Tony was always advocating for all ages to get fit through running and walking.

“He was an incredible advocate for fitness with running being the chief form of fitness,” he said. “He used to come on our radio stations to give running tips, exercise tips, and used to do a lot of things that were above and beyond just talking about the marathon and the date of the marathon. It was always informational for our audience, and we're going to miss that deeply.”

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