Friday June 3rd is National Doughnut Day. There are some freebies but more importantly an actual reason to celebrate the day. The first Friday in June every year this happens.

National Doughnut Day actually comes with an interesting story. The Salvation Army started it in the 30's to honor the " Doughnut Lassies" who were women who went to France during World War I  to make homemade doughnuts for the soldiers to bring them a reminder of home. Kind of a cool backstory on the day of indulgence in dough.

Check out a couple freebies in or near our area.

Dunkin' Doughnuts is giving a free doughnut (while supplies last) with the purchase of a beverage.

Krispy Kreme is going to provide a free doughnut of your choice at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada. ( It seems all are participating?)



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